Cash or Lease? Which is Best For You?

Is leasing the most cost effective way for you to acquire your new technology when compared with using cash? How do you make this assessment? What factors make the difference?

In a lease once you total the payments being paid over the term of the agreement, you will obviously be paying more than the capital value of the assets, but this is not the whole story.

As leasing can be highly tax efficient the more tax you pay the more beneficial leasing may become.  Also, the better the return on capital you make in your business, the more likely leasing will be of benefit.

Our Cash Vs. Lease Analysis downloadable here shows the impact these factors can have on the ‘true cost’ of the acquisition, together the other factors that have a more marginal affect on the calculation.

LeaseLogic will work you with you to produce one of these comparisions for each specific project or funding requirement. Click here to request a comparison.