Benefits To Suppliers of Using Leasing

Leasing can help increase sales and protect margins.  By incorporating leasing into sales proposals suppliers are able to:

  • Offer your total solution for an affordable monthly payment, removing a potential price objection
  • Improve the return on investment for the customer and increase the chance of project sign off
  • Offer an all-inclusive package of hardware, software, maintenance and support, making budgeting simpler for the customer.
  • Bring forward future sales by allowing customers to upgrade or expand their existing solution at any time, often without the need to change their contracted monthly payment
  • Reduce debtor days as payment for the solution is usually made within 48 hours of confirmed delivery.

LeaseLogic – Support For Suppliers

At LeaseLogic we have extensive experience of managing both national and regional vendor leasing programmes. We understand the priorities and pressures of being a supplier and that all suppliers are different from each other. Working with LeaseLogic will help you realise the benefits of using a customer finance programme.

As a supplier, once you have made the decision to use leasing as a tool to increase technology sales, LeaseLogic will agree with you how best to integrate leasing into your overall sales process. In simple terms, we work with you to find the fastest way to conclude the sale. During the process LeaseLogic will:

  • Take time to understand your business, and your sales engagement process
  • Provide advice on how to structure proposals that maximise the customers ROI and payback, and provide finance quotations to support this
  • Deliver training as required to ensure leasing is integrated into the sales, marketing and finance functions within the business
  • Work with you to manage the information required to obtain credit clearance for your customers
  • Control the finance documentation once credit acceptance has been obtained

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we pride ourselves in our proactive service to both sales and administration teams at all points in the lease process.

If you would like to know more about how LeaseLogic can help, please contact us.